Traffic Management

Traffic Management of this small IT Hub is gradually becoming a very difficult task because of the huge volume of traffic plying through the narrow roads of Sector - V Initially designed for the small and medium enterprises, Sector - V has now become a prestigious Hub for the domestic and multinational IT companies, who have provided employment to about 80,000 people during the last one decade. Even with efficient policing for management of the traffic, easy movement of vehicles cannot be ensured. The Traffic Police have been working on various options - like 'One way' movement of vehicular traffic on some of the roads and also for enforcing strict discipline on parking of vehicles in the designated areas,inflicting penalty on unauthorized parking to ease the traffic congestion at the important junctions.

NDITA has mooted proposals for two (2) modern bus terminus, - one on the existing C.S.T.C. Bus Stand and other on the fringe of NDITA and Bidhannagar area at Nayapatty.The proposals are now under active consideration of the concerned departments. The objective of these two (2) bus terminals is to introduce Green Vehicles, which will ply within Sector - V only and the movement of large buses can be strictly restricted.

NDITA has been actively considering to moot a master-plan for an underground or overhead mass transportation system to be undertaken with the involvement of Government of West Bengai and Government of India keeping in mind the ever increasing importance of this IT Hub.