Street Lighting


Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority (NDITA) has laid tremendous stress on proper illumination of entire Township and also for enhancement of beauty of the illumination by fitting decorative lights in double and triple brackets on the main thoroughfare. Sector V of Salt Lake City under the administrative frame of "Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority" is being lighted through street lights. Lamp posts are fitted with Single, Double, Triple bracket with lighting arrangements as per necessity. For illumination of the entire area there are 581 nos. of Poles having sodium vapor lamps and its coverage is about 15 kms.

Street lights are not only fitted along with the major roads but the minor lanes and by lanes are covered. At present KMDA, UD Department & WEBEL are associated with NDITA by rendering their services for illumination of Sector –V. ENCON & SELVEL had provided some decorative lights for beautification.

It is decided by the authority that, to fit in decorative lights along with the medians of major roads with aim to add to the beauty of sec-V at night.